What are true Conservative political values in 2021?

The conservative roots of the United States

True Conservative political values today: the foundation of the United States is based on the Constitution, which is a document that was created by the Founding Fathers.

The Constitution is meant to be a guiding document for government officials, and it outlines what the government can and cannot do. One of the most important things the Constitution says is that the federal government cannot establish a national religion for the country.

One of the major points made in this chapter is that the Declaration of Independence makes it clear that the United States is a Christian nation. Nevertheless, the United States did not declare itself a Christian nation. The founding fathers created a single Christian nation based on common ancestry and values.

Yes, they created a Christian nation for all people, but they did not specifically create it for all Christians in America.

The American Revolution

Prior to the American Revolution, most people in the United States did not practice Christianity universally. Many of the Native American tribes practiced beliefs and rituals that closely aligned with Native American religions as opposed to Christianity.

Some of the earliest churches in America were actually founded by non-Christians like Lucretius in Syracuse, New York, and the Jesuits in 1630. Today, however, almost all Christians in America can trace their ancestry back to Europeans, and therefore Christianity is widely practiced in the United States today.

According to the Pew Research Center, just under half (48%) of all Americans believe that their religion is very important to them, and an even larger (58%) say they believe that religion is very or extremely important to them. Just under a quarter of Americans (23%) say they seldom or never attend religious services.

Even though there are millions of people in America who firmly believe in and practice their Christian faith, the chance that an American could go to church regularly is incredibly slim. In fact, only 2.7% of Americans got married within their faith communities in 2018.

Overall, while religion is a very important part of the American psyche, and many people consider their religion to be very important to them, the chance that an American could go to a church regularly is slim.

True conservative values are timeless

Many people have said that true conservative political values are timeless. They do not run hand in hand with a specific political party or moment in history

True conservative values are not about conserving the status quo, which is inherently anti-conservative. These values are about conserving the best of the past and applying those lessons to the future.

When we create something in this world, we have to put much more emphasis on the positive than the negative. In our branding, too, we can help make the word “conservative” better by constantly reminding our audience that it’s not strictly about opposing liberal policies, it’s also about being true to conservative principles, even from a position of weakness.

Conservative values are powerful values

These powerful conservative values, maxims, and proverbs are not only easy to remember but also shareable. Thus, they’re the perfect sales and marketing tools to help your brand stand out with modern audiences — especially those just hearing for the first time what conservatism really means.

Of course, references to “conservative values” can also mean supporting a Democrat or a liberal causes. But when we’re referring to the milder conservative values, these clicks and shares are usually much more important.

Truly conservative values have survived and flourished throughout U.S. history, even though their star continually waxes and wanes. As one of the most popular business slogans, “conservative” perfectly expresses the firm’s values every single time.

Some of the greatest “true” conservative champions include Ronald Reagan, Jack Kemp, and Howard Phillips. Look at the longevity of their popularity.

American culture is built on the foundation of true conservative values

It’s true that American culture is built on the foundation of true conservative values. But it’s also true that that foundation isn’t being maintained.

True conservative political values

True conservative political values include principles from past and present that can lead us to a better future.

If you truly believe in conservative values, then you should be fighting for a better future.

We need better movements. And we need to hold each other accountable. When you pull for these things, you hold the power. Safe spaces are not for everyone. They are for those who need a safe space to talk about how they feel. To heal, to process, and to figure out how to move forward.

We need to start crafting movements that positively impact collective and personal growth for the better of the planet. You knew this was coming. We can’t hide from the magnitude of this. The metrics are on our backs, and the timelines are all over the place, but there is still hope.

We can still choose to leave behind a better world that we can be proud to be a part of.

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Photo: by frank mckenna on Unsplash